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Days of Our Lives… Cheesy and True

It’s been … a while, since I’ve posted.

I wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of my readers, you’ve all been such a support and so patient in my absence.  I also wanted to explain a little and in doing so to remind each and every one of you to take a minute and give your children an extra hug.

This photo was taken on 6/18, the day before we saw our foster son for the last time. It was both his and my first time at the zoo.

Some of you know that we’d been taking care of this little guy for a while.   I posted a video when we brought him home.   And I posted a picture when we got custody.   We’d had him since he was just about 7 months old, and he went back into his mother’s custody on 6/20 (I appreciate no negative or positive comments on this fact, as we do not have any good feelings towards the mother or or feigned interest, and it is neither productive nor healthy to dwell on).

If you have any comments to make on the subject, please feel free to send him prayers, positive thoughts, and good energy.  He needs all that he can get.

In any event, there we have it.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll be back into things just yet, but I will eventually.    And while I’m not okay, I also know that I will be eventually.

Wishing you all blessings of love, peace and joy… and the perfect love of a child.


Looks like I skipped the pregnant part of barefoot in the kitchen…

It’s been almost 1 month since my last post.  Lots of things have changed in our life as we try to get settled into our new home.

Soon things will settle down a little more and I will start posting now, but today I wanted to post in celebration of an amazing event in our lives.

He’s been with us for a while, but today we made it official.  We have custody of him while the court works things out for us to start the adoption process.    

Meet our son :


I can’t help but wonder if I will ever get used to that.

While we’re not raising him vegan or vegetarian for a number of reasons, many of them legal, but we have agreed to raise him with a diet halfway between our two.  He will be raised on all the yummy vegan foods that I cook, along with his dairy formula and yogurt, but will enjoy vegan cheese and milk products as he gets older, along with Tofurkey for Thanksgivings so as he gets older, he will be accustomed to plant based products rather than animal based ones.  But, in exchange, the husband (father??) figure reserves the right to let him taste his cheeseburger.


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