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Refreshing Lettuce

on March 29, 2012

Have you ever had a head of lettuce that you didn’t exactly get around to using right away?  You take it out of the crisper and find that it’s anything but crisp?  It’s wilted, limp and sad.

Prior to learning this trick, I tossed my share of lettuce (and celery – the principle is the same but you can leave the celery in the water).  In these pictures I’m using green leaf lettuce (isn’t all lettuce green leaf??), which I’m really not a fan of but the produce stand was out of romaine.  It doesn’t hold up as well as romaine does (which, when using this method can last a week or more).  It also seems to die faster, it’s just not as hearty. I’ve refreshed 1 week old romaine lettuce and had it taste great – green leaf is dead slime by then.  After using this method, the green leaf lettuce lasted 3 days.

In any event, this is the method.  I suggest using this method with romaine lettuce.

You NEED a salad spinner for this.  Just go get one.  OXO brand is my favorite.  You will never buy another bag of overpriced bag lettuce.  I’ll take my $.99 cent lettuce, thank you very much!

Chop off the lettuce butt.

Pile the lettuce leaves on top of each other, and slice down the center.

Either use a long knife to cut it again into slices, or roll it up and cut it thick-chiffonade style (or shape-an-egg as my husband calls it).

Toss it into your favorite salad spinner.

Oops, that looks empty.

There, that’s better.  Now fill with ice water.  Or water and ice which turns into ice water!  We have a handy, dandy water cooler I use.

Swish it around like you’re washing it because, well, you ARE.

Now go cuddle for a bit with your the loves of your life.   Or if you are sad and lonely, poor yourself a glass of wine.

Or clean.

Or watch TV.

I’m flexible like that.  Be creative with this portion of the recipe.

Now drain the water.  The conveniently located (under the lettuce) salad spinner basket helps with that.

Then spin away.

When you’re done spinning, the lettuce will be moist, but not wet.  Romaine – I pack away moist.  I’m kind of inclined to suggest eating green leaf right away.

So there you  have it.

3 responses to “Refreshing Lettuce

  1. Sam says:

    heheh lettuce butt and yes i do call it shape an egg

  2. I throw away so much lettuce. I’m thinking I should just switch to cabbage since it lasts at least a month. 😉

    • Izzy says:

      You know it’s REALLY funny you say that, because my coworker uses cabbage in place of lettuce, and just today we sat eating our salads and I was thinking that her salad probably packed a much higher nutritional punch than mine. She was using red cabbage in place of lettuce, but I did some research today and apparently savoy cabbage is super rich in nutrients, so I think that next time I go to the produce stand, I’m going to pick some up and try it. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my romaine though. Give my method a try, it may surprise you!

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