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Happy colcannon day :)

on March 17, 2012

4 responses to “Happy colcannon day :)

  1. I am relative new to Veganism myself. You may want to check: it has recipes and suggested placed to eat in Iowa, my daughter is the blogger. She is very knowledgeable about Veganism.

  2. What a great blog!!!! I was like this for a while. I had been vegetarian for a long time and my partner was an omnivore. When I made the switch to vegan my son was turning 3. I knew that something had to give. I couldn’t have conflicting messages given to my son. So when my partner asked what I wanted for my birthday I simply asked “I’d like you to stop eating animals”. Now thankfully this choice was pretty effortless as she never ate meat in the house and we only had dairy. We got rid of the dairy slowly by using it up (she did not me or my son). It has been a challenge with my son as he’s at preschool where he got pretty used to consuming dairy. His little friends all have cows milk and cheese cubes. Well we’re working on it. It’s been explained to me that due to the addictive qualities of cheese this will go away in about 3 months.

    One obstacle…if you can find (which I haven’t been successful finding) a vegan chocolate supplier who makes easter chocolates (eggs, bunnies, hens, etc.).

    Veganly yours,

    • Izzy says:

      That’s a really good point, when it comes to kids especially. My little one is a foster, so unfortunately we have to keep him acquainted with non-vegan foods. Even though he prefers tofu over chicken, I know his mother (if she gets him back) really doesn’t care what he prefers. :-/

  3. wow you’re my new hero. What tremendous work you do! I hope that you provide that little person tons of compassion that he will be able to take with him. Perhaps you can instill in him the love and compassion towards animals that no matter what will always be there.

    I’m excited to check out all your recipes!


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