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Preparing Sugar Snap Peas

on February 16, 2012

The first time I cooked fresh sugar snap peas, they were gross.   I hadn’t removed the ends, or the fibrous string – and didn’t really know there was one until I was trying to chew through one.

Sugar Snap Peas


I’m sure everyone already knows, but in case you don’t…

Cut off the damn ends.  But hold them as you cut off the ends, if you find a little resistance, it’s probably this little bugger:

Sugar Snap Pea


Not all of them will have this, but if you run across one that has it, pull it out.  The whole thing might not come out, but that’s ok, just remove what comes off easily.

Some will just be entirely woody and fibrous as you try to cut them.  I can’t stand them, so I toss em.   I’m not sure what causes it, but I’m open to information if anyone knows why some of the sugar snap peas are woody and tough.

Come back soon to see what I made with these yummy guys.

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