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Every day may not be good…

on February 13, 2012

Every day I’m reminded at how good we have it, and yet how terribly awful we have it.

Last year was the most difficult year of our lives, and it just doesn’t seem to stop.  Almost every single day we have something major to deal with – and I do mean major.    Yesterday was an electrical fire in our breaker box, caused by a short we reported to our landlord a month ago, in the breaker box that needed replaced ages ago which we also complained about (exposed wires?  no, thank you!) in this house that has put us through nothing but hell including WEEKS without a working toilet (there’s only one in the house!), leaking sinks, no hot water for weeks at a time, no heat for months at a time, plus one long run on sentence.

I missed another day at work because on this coldest of days we were without heat and had to juggle keeping a 12 month old warm and entertained while still keeping the house occupied to wait for repairmen. 

But, every time something like this happens, and we get through it – I realize how strong we really are.  How strong we are to have a 6 month old (nephew) placed in our protective custody, and almost at the same time be kicked out of our home because our old landlord of 4 years wasn’t paying his mortgage anymore and into a house that is LITERALLY crumbling around us… while still having to deal with my family that has abandoned us, and courts, and visitations, and an almost 6 month old (who’s now almost 13 months) when we didn’t even have any children of our own. 

I’m proud to know just how strong we are for being able to rearrange our ENTIRE lives, and lose SO MUCH for this little man that we have devoted our lives and hearts to, knowing full well that in 6 months or a year he may no longer be ours and we may never see him, or our hearts, again…

…and yet still manage to hold each other’s hand and keep our heads up high.

We are still laughing (although we cry a little more than usual).  We are still enjoying the little things.  We haven’t let these trials bring us down all the way, though sometimes they do a little bit.

Even though yesterday sucked, there is ALWAYS something good. 

I’m thankful for our lack of ability to cook to push me into trying Daiya cheese again.  I’d tried the cheddar variety before and it made me want to chop my tongue off, but I liked the mozzarella version, and I was able to have the best pizza I’ve had since going vegan almost a year ago. Eh, it’s the little things.

I’m also thankful that after the repair men arrived we were able to spend the rest of the evening at my In-Laws nice and cozy and warm where we enjoyed watching my foster son practice walking… for 3 hours! 

He’s up to about 20-30 wibbly wobbly-toddly-beautiful-screaming-in-frustration-every-time-he-fell steps at a time, and I’m thankful that we get to enjoy them.

I’m thankful that I was blessed with a mate that makes days like yesterday worth it.

Keep moving forward!

10 responses to “Every day may not be good…

  1. Thank you SOO MUCH for sharing this. On a day in which I needed to hear it. Perspective: that’s how we get through the rough days. I’ve felt the same way so often over the past few years – always thinking it couldn’t possibly get any worse. Then it does… But I like to think of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind’s words on days that are particularly difficult. “I won’t think about this today. I’ll think about this tomorrow. After all… Tomorrow is another day…” and sometimes I don’t think about those bad things ever again!

  2. FABULOUS post. And… I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for Liebster Blog Award!

  3. Keep your heads up. It’s not the ‘stuff’ but what we do with the ‘stuff’. I’m sending you love and light. KEEP COOKIN! (I know how much it helps me)

    • Izzy says:

      It does help me too. It helps me focus on something and keep moving forward. Which is funny, cause I don’t particularly like to cook but I like the sense of accomplishment and I love feeding my little family. 🙂


  4. the RA Vegan says:

    What an amazing post! Your love for your nephew and your mate shines through! Sometimes things are hard hard hard. But we get through them the best we can. Thanks for sharing what you are going through. It really helps to know that others are going through things as well.

    • Izzy says:

      Thanks. You’re right sometimes it does help to know other people are going through similar things too. I read so many blogs where mom’s are cooking up a storm and having this beautiful time with their children (although I’ve noticed mostly stay-at-home moms) and sometimes I can’t help but feel alone in our struggles. But, the reality is, everyone has their own battles. Maybe some aren’t as bad as ours, but ours aren’t always this bad, and some people’s are worse. So I’m thankful for the good wherever we have it, in whatever chapter of our life we are in.

      Can’t get rainbows without a little rain, hmm?

  5. You are amazing! Your nephew is one lucky baby to have you taking care of him—most people would turn away or let these bad days overtake them. I’m humbled by your strength and persistence!

    • Izzy says:

      A lot of people say that, but to be honest, I think almost anyone in our situation would have done the same thing. One thing the situation has made me realize is that most people don’t know how strong they are until they have to be…

      I think most people are much, much stronger than they realize. Even when we (humans) feel like we’ve hit the end of what we can handle we still manage to keep going.

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