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RIP Whitney Houston

on February 12, 2012

I know that this is a vegan blog about cooking and other things relating to food, but for me it’s also about my journey in this life.  Every thing we see, experience, or hear effects our lives in little and big ways. 

Whitney spent a great deal of her life abusing or neglecting the journey she was given, and it’s sad that her actions lead to an early departure from this planet (or this lifetime).  But while she was here we were blessed by her beautiful voice and her spark and I’m grateful for how she touched our lives, in her own little way. 

2 responses to “RIP Whitney Houston

  1. ryesandshine says:

    A. The moment where the key changes in that song [“the note”] is one of the greatest musical moments. I can’t get enough!

    B. Love your blog, so I thought I’d pass on the love!

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