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Tofu Red Thai Curry

on February 10, 2012

Ever have one of those days where so many silly little-thing seems to go wrong?   This seems to be the norm for me lately.  I’ve learned to  – mostly – roll with the punches, but sometimes it’s a little more difficult.

1. Bickering with the mother of my foster son.  Talk about major stress.
2. My leftovers were raped by the dogs, which I made the mistake of leaving out (but far enough away that they couldn’t get them … or so I thought).
3. In nomming on said leftovers, our newly varnished table was scratched up with lovely dog claw marks.
4.  Said foster son threw up.  Again.  Twice.
5. I turned my rice into rice pudding, but without the yum.  How the hell do you overcook brown rice?  Who knows, but I can do it.

Is it funny that the last on my list is one that frustrates me the most?  There is so much chaos in my life that I want there to be order in my cooking.    It’s silly, but it’s my little OCD space, where everything has to be perfect…. my husband would be thrilled if that overflowed to ingredients and dishes, but alas – I’m a really freaking messy cook.  Thankfully the recipe wasn’t a failure – just the rice to go with it (hence no rice in the picture).

Since I wouldn’t change a thing on the recipe other than top with cilantro and lime (not pictured), I’m going to send you right to the source of the recipe.  It was perfect.  Uncomplicated, delightful and satisfying.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!   My husband and I decided any stir fry veggies would work with this, but I think next time we will use broccoli to soak up the lovely sauce, and we’re going to give light coconut milk a try – the regular stuff is rich!!  I forgot the basil, my scallions were bad and obviously I didn’t use the other stuff – and it was still great!

Tofu Thai Curry

Head on over to view the Thai Curry Recipe at  This is my Everest.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

baby and omnivore husband approved

One response to “Tofu Red Thai Curry

  1. Thanks for the shout out and again, so glad you enjoyed it! Next time definitely use the basil, it adds a surprisingly important element to the taste! That’s funny you say that about the broccoli soaking up the sauce because that’s exactly what my boyfriend said–the broccoli was his fave part because it gets soaked in the stuff! 🙂

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