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Making a Roux

on January 22, 2012

I’ll soon be posting the recipe for my husband’s favorite recipe, but in preparation, I thought I’d make a post about the base of the recipe – a Roux.


When I became a vegan I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t work quite the same, but to my pleasant surprise, it works just fine.  So lets get started!

Roux’s have 3 basic ingredients – fat (I use Earth Balance), flour and liquid – generally milk.   This particular roux is being made for a soup, so the end result is approx 1 tablespoon of fat,  and 1 tablespoon of flour per cup of liquid.

For the best results start with warmed non-dairy milk.  I usually use soy milk.  If you use almond or rice milk, you may need to increase the butter/flour ratio.

1. Warm the milk in the microwave for a few minutes, just enough to take the chill off (skip this step if you’re using room temperature milk).

2. Meanwhile, melt butter on medium heat into pan and whisk in flour.  It should make a dry paste.

Melt the butter and whisk in flour

3.  Add in milk slowly, about 1/2 cup at a time.    Each time whisk slowly until mix becomes thick.

Whisk in milk slowly

4. Continue whisking in milk slowly, letting it thicken.  At this point it should feel like a thick batter.

Keep adding!

5. As you add the milk, you may need to cook for a few minutes to allow the mix to thicken.


6. Try to keep the consistence of a cake batter as much as possible.


By the time you’re done, you’ve mixed in all the milk, you should still be able to cut through the sauce.  If it’s not a cake batter consistency, continue cooking on a medium-low, whisking occasionally, giving the liquid time to thicken.

Come back in the next few days to get my husbands favorite soup recipe!

One response to “Making a Roux

  1. foodyrach says:

    A good Roux is SO important. My gumbo just doesn’t work without a nice, dark Roux. I like that you did a step-by-step on this because I can be a little intimidating if never attempted before.

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