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[The Case of the Missing Camera] Looking For: Butternut Squash Recipe

on August 24, 2011

Have you ever put an object someplace where you would remember it, only to forget where that place was?

My camera is currently located this black hole of misplaced good intentions, wherever that may be.    At some point, I will locate it, and smack my forehead (or, actually my glasses – having forgotten that I had them on) and say to myself, “Self, Duh!”

Until then… I’m afraid I’m slightly recipe-less.  My good friends at Left Turn Photo says you can make beautiful pictures with any camera, but I’m not quite so sure the camera on my phone would agree that *I* could.  Jason can make dog poop into magnificent art (he even somehow managed to make *me* look pretty darned good), and I can barely look the tastiest meal look edible, so I think for now I’ll just have to live without.    Check out more of his stuff on Facebook.


So, off the topic about my {poor-helpless-pitiful} camera.

I’m looking for a butternut squash recipe.  I’ve a lovely one sitting on my table, and I’ve been craving it – in a main course.

The rules are it can’t be soup (you’ll see why once I locate my {hopelessly sad and miserably lonely} camera), it must be vegan, and preferably a main course.

THIS is my to-date favorite Butternut Squash recipe.  And while I COULD totally eat that as a main course, not everyone is so inclined to eating a plate full of veggies as I am, namely the husband figure.

Must also love long walks on the beach.

2 responses to “[The Case of the Missing Camera] Looking For: Butternut Squash Recipe

  1. Love says:

    I love the butternut mac and cheese over at ohsheglows: It’s so delicious! I recommend not baking it though.

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