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Chickpeas and Quinoa

on August 15, 2011

My two favorite things.  Quinoa is a very recent ingredient for me, but turns out it’s the perfect grain for this dish… or for any dish, for that matter. Incidentally, if you used brown rice instead of quinoa, a double batch of this recipe costs less $5, even with canned chickpeas.

I will say though, that my coworkers have remarked that quinoa looks like everything from sperm to fish eyes.  Mmmm… fish sperm eyes?

Anyway, because this dish is so freaking easy, I decided to show you just how easy it is in pictures.  To find the recipe, you’ll have to go HERE.

But for now… just enjoy how easy this recipe really is.  Don’t be lazy, just try it!

Onions, duh!

Spices in an oil pool.

Spice Paste


Cawwots. I was lazy, they were pre-match sticked. I didn't feel like peeling and chopping

Stir and cook

Add zee chickpeas

Pretend there is a pretty picture of nicely chopped of Zucchini here.  That’s important, and somehow I forgot it!


Class dismissed.

3 responses to “Chickpeas and Quinoa

  1. It’s been surprisingly chilly today, so this looks like this perfect dish to warm up with! I might even already have all of the ingredients on hand. 🙂

  2. E says:

    Yum. Hungry now. Thanks.

  3. E says:

    p.s. I don’t know if this was your intent but when I read the way you wrote “to-ma-toes” I thought of the scene in LOTR where Sam tries to explain what “taters” are to Gollum… boil em mash em stick em in a stew…

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