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“Don’t use the blue one, it’s for cleaning not cooking.”

on August 5, 2011

Saturday is a very sad day for us.   It’s the last day we get to play D&D for at least 6 months.  Yes, I’m nerdy, geeky and I cook.  Did I mention that I also play video games, snorkel, kayak and craft? I’m an odd bird.


As an homage to our bi-weekly gaming sessions, I decided to post my husbands little craft project.

A few months back, we got these potion bottles to fill with colorful adult beverages.  Then, I got Mono and could barely move, much less drink… so we never got around to it.  Alas, our time is coming to an end and so a few days ago, my husband gets the bright idea of what to use the bottles for.  The blue one is dish soap, and the white one is kosher salt.


It actually ended up being pretty useful, because now I can pour the kosher salt a little bit easier than I could from the jar I’d been keeping it in.

Oh, and incidentally – he did say that to me.  Not to use the blue one for cooking… Good thing he told me, I had already been considering what recipe to use SOAP in. 🙂

R.I.P. Dungeons and Dragons.

5 responses to ““Don’t use the blue one, it’s for cleaning not cooking.”

  1. Sam says:

    I was warning you because you are also DITZY :-p so forgive me for trying to save you from you it was all done in love.

  2. E says:

    Aw! Totally feel the geeky love — My boyfriend and I are long distance, so we play World of Warcraft together just about every day 😀 …though once I start law school I doubt that will continue.. 😦 Ahh well.

  3. kristalia says:

    I started out as a Mario baby and tuned into a Final Fantasy teen with a dash of Magic (Love the Aqua dice so pretty) and then for my wedding (6 years ago) I got World of Warcraft from a friend as wedding gift XD and have been part of that world ever since lol.

    As for the Vials ….. MEN……. lol I have one of those to (back to the vials now) and I have it filled up with swarovski crystals. super pretty! 🙂

    Hugs and Kisses

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