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“Does your mouth still water when you smell …?”

on July 28, 2011

My husband asked me today whether I still get cravings when I smell things like fried chicken.  Ironically, VegDeb   posted a similar discussion just yesterday.

If you don’t know, I’ve only been a vegetarian / vegan for 4 months now, so it’s all still pretty new to me.

The question reminded me of a trip to the grocery store the other day.  This particular grocery store is notorious for delicious smelling fried chicken.  They happened to be frying at that time we arrived, or shortly before.  It was really the first time the smell of fried chicken made my stomach turn rather than growl.  I can’t honestly say it will be like that next time, but it was the first time it dawned on me that they were frying what was once a living being, with needs not unlike our own.

I have a theory that in order to eat meat, an individual must shut off the portion of their brain that connects them to the fact that they’re eating something that had a personality, fears, desires, joy and sorrow.   Eating things that think, learn, grow, play – perhaps in a different capacity than dogs, or humans, but no less precious.

I do my best not to think about it.  My husband still eats meat, and I did for 28 years of my life – so on some levels I still have to disconnect from it.  But today, the smell of deep fried chicken is about as mouth watering to me as if someone tried to feed me deep fried puppy.

I guess that officially makes me full blown hippie.

2 responses to ““Does your mouth still water when you smell …?”

  1. vegandeb says:

    I understand the disconnecting. Fried chicken was my go to comfort food for years and I wonder how I managed to eat a chicken leg and not realize it was an actual leg of a chicken!

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