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Peanut Butter Cups – Take 2! (Vegan)

on July 23, 2011

So, last week I made an attempt at Coy Bettie’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I don’t even really know why I tried again – I really don’t eat sweets that much but man oh man do I love feeding people.

Peanut Butter Cups

The last time I tried, the cocoa I used was entirely too bitter.  It was not just bittersweet, it was 70%, which my taste buds were not prepared for.  After some research, I discovered I could make the chocolate milder with some added fats and more sugar.  So, if the original recipe wasn’t fatty enough…

From what I can figure out, adding cocoa butter is a great way to make it milder – but I didn’t have any, so I added sugar and Earth Balance.  I knew that it would solidify in the fridge, but I had my doubts about any counter stability and I was right.   Since I still used the original recipe, just modified it for my taste buds (aka fat and sugar to the chocolate), please refer back to the original recipe to try Coy Bettie’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t measure the Earth Balance or sugar, I just added a little at a time of both until it turned to a mild dark.

They turned out to be absolutely delicious.

No, really.  DELICIOUS.

2 responses to “Peanut Butter Cups – Take 2! (Vegan)

  1. Really interesting recipe. They look totally delicious. I love desserts you don’t really have to cook. So simple with such a nice texture.

  2. 300hikes says:

    I have weakness for peanut butter cups. Though I suppose the same could be said of all sweets… I know, I know. I recently posted a fantastic vegan recipe for chocolate molasses cookies. I hope you’ll give it a look!

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