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What type of vegan/vegetarian are you?

on July 20, 2011


6 responses to “What type of vegan/vegetarian are you?

  1. wrongvenus says:

    I became vegan because my body started rejecting meat, then eggs, then dairy. I’ll remain a vegan because I’ve educated myself about the detrimental effects of meat and dairy on the body, the horrors of “farming” meat, the incredible wastefulness of meat-eating, the effect on the environment and economies of the world, and just because it feels right. 🙂

    • Izzy says:

      Thanks for sharing! When I became a vegan/vegetarian it was after I started having liver and gallbladder pain. What started as a “get through this” situation opened me up to a whole new world. I think I was meant to be vegan or at the very least vegetarian all along, because I almost felt relieved when I had an “excuse.” So many things we learn!

  2. thebeautyowl says:

    There are so many reasons as to why I became vegetarian the first one I’m ashamed to admit was peer pressure from vegetarian friends, second I don’t agree with the way animals are treated by society, I feel there is very little respect, third I don’t think that meat it’s essential in our diet and I think people have become to reliant on meat, and fourth I believe that meat, especially red meat, is a health risk due to the fat content.
    I love vegetarian food and think that not eating meat has forced me to learn how to cook properly!

  3. Great poll! I admit that I never really loved the taste of meat when I was little but went vegetarian at about 13 and then vegan at 15 primarily for the ethical reasons. Then once I learned about the environmental, societal and political reasons – well, there was just no turning back. I always knew it had the potential to be a healthier lifestyle, but I wasn’t really a healthy vegan as a teenager or in my 20s. Too many refined carbs (pasta. pasta. pasta) and not enough fresh veggies. Now, I’m really trying to focus on the healthy part… for my own body and because you have to lead by example. Unhealthy-looking vegans don’t really help spread the message. You gotta lead by example! 🙂

  4. I like to think of myself as a flexitarian. More and more I like to go meatless. I am doing this for many reasons, mainly for health, taste, and environmental reasons. I guess partly for ethical ones (although a combine harvester can be pretty nasty to animals as well!). I have never cared much for red meat except the occasional usage of ground beef. I mostly love fish and sometimes like chicken. I enjoy your blog! I am looking for recipes to try and wean my husband off of meat occasionally.

    • Izzy says:

      I hope you’ll find lots of useful recipes here. All of the recipes are omnivore tested and will specify if they won’t pass the omnivore test. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, hope to see more of you.

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