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Frank-furters… hot dogs… wieners…. (vegan!)

on July 20, 2011




Whatever you want to call them, I have an obsession with them.

Field Roast Hot Dog Frankfurter




Well, at least I did pre-vegetarian/vegan.  Since I want vegetarian and vegan the same day, I still remember what a hot dog tastes like and they were always my Achilles heel.   Unfortunately, there is no vegan product that compares.

But, thanks to a lovely suggestion from the author of Play with My Food, we ventured out to try Field Roast brand “meat” products.  They are dry, in comparison with typical hot dogs, but they have a good flavor.

This particular one was cooked using the “boil-in-casing” method suggested by the packaging, which was sadly quite amusing and I have no idea why.  Topped with the blood and souls of a thousand helpless mustard seeds, it was pretty darned tasty!





One response to “Frank-furters… hot dogs… wieners…. (vegan!)

  1. Blogitarian says:

    Try our Smart Dogs – you may be pleasantly surprised! I think they come pretty close to the real thing…as close as a veggie dog can be that is 😛

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