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This just in: Inebriated Hulk found enjoying a relaxing popcorn bath

on July 19, 2011

After having a few too many drinks, drunken Hulk makes himself comfortable in a giant tub of Nooch covered Popcorn.  After realizing his mistake, the Hulk becomes enraged and breaks off a piece of the marble tub. Satisfied with his destructive accomplishment, he falls soundly asleep…

Reports say he was later found unconscious in a… compromising position.

Hulk refuses to comment at this time.  His attorneys, however, have volunteered that it would behoove the general public to not make him angry and that smurfs may or may not have been involved.

This total and blatant ripoff (or tribute, depending on how you look at it) was inspired by, a day that momentarily made me become possessed by the spirit of the Hulk, a few too many beers, and whoever the hell suggested I try nooch on popcorn.

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