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Update: Black Bean and Couscous Taste-Test

on July 14, 2011

If you haven’t tried my Black Bean and CousCous salad, you’re missing out!

When my husband asks to take something to work that I’ve made, I take that as a really good sign that he enjoyed it.    He tries to be honest, really, he does… but the truth in the matter is, I know when he really likes something and when he’s just saying, “It’s good, baby” and really thinking, “How can I order pizza without offending her?”

So when he asked to take this salad to work, I took it as a sign that Izzy dun gud!

Since it had such a positive response from my husband, I decided to take it to work to do the meat-eater test. 

Pre-tasting, I heard concerns ranging from, “I don’t like couscous” to “I don’t like cold salads” (WTF is a hot salad, exactly???) to “What the hell is couscous?” 

But the final response was unanimous – even from the couscous hater and the salad hater (oh the humanity!): “Wow, this is good!” 

The salad hater agreed with me that perhaps adding some heat (I’m thinking Jalepenos) would be good, but it was the only suggestion made.  The couscous hater said, “This doesn’t taste anything at all like couscous, it’s really good!”



One response to “Update: Black Bean and Couscous Taste-Test

  1. Love black bean salad. One version is a can of black beans rinsed, a can of Mexican corn (or fresh!), a jar of salsa, a couple cups of rice, add in a bunch of onion/green peppers – possibly cilantro, lemon jc. Yummy!

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