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Tofurkey the meatless meat for meat eating meat heads like me

on July 12, 2011

Although this says it was posted by Izzy, the post lies.  This review was written by Samuel the Magnificent.

So I took the plunge this last week. I had tofurkey Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Italian style sausage at my wifes “gentle” request.

By gentle I mean I am just getting the feeling back in my arm as I write this. Love ya Liz 🙂 As a omnivore who is trying to be vegan for his wife I was both excited and frightened of the stuff. It looked gray as she cooked it.

I must confess that Ithought about faking a serious tum-tum issue to avoid the gray meat-tube-of-doom as it cooked on the skillet. I was slightly petrified as my wife chopped it up and then threw it in lazy mans sauce. Which is her
phrase for spaghetti sauce from the store. I prayed to all the gods of meat eating that the stuff would at least taste better then it looked.

So with a heavy sigh I spooned spaghetti with tofurkey sausage into my mouth.

The texture was not 100% spot on for sausage. It was just a tad too soft. But the flavor was near perfect! If I had not known better I would have just thought it was a new brand of turkey sausage… hey, wait a minute… tofurkey… turkey I get it!  Hahaha that is amusing advertising there.

Well that’s it for me folks. Have a great day!

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