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Randomness that turned to Awesomeness

on May 5, 2011

Hello all it is I the hubby once again. I tried as hard as i could to get out of this, knowing well that i am just bothering y’all with my random prattling. And poor grammar skills, i am pretty sure there should have been a semicolon in the last sentence somewhere.

So this post is about an idea i had. Izzy and i are what you might call semi-busy. Well that or incredibly lazy, so one find Saturday afternoon as we perused the Veganomicon i had my wild idea. What is this wild idea you may ask? And why is it that i go on and on about the wildness of the idea without revealing anything about it? mostly because i am a jerk that likes to yank y’alls chain.

My ground breaking idea was ….. to bag the dry ingredients of our favorite recipes. So the whole idea is to get quart sized zipper bags that have that writey on thingy on them. you know what i am talking about. you fill said bag with your fav vegan recipes  dry team (stoled that from alton brown) and you then write what is in the bag along with what is needed to finish the recipe.  So that way on a lazy or busy day you just grab the premixed bag of dry goods read the label grab the wet goods mix and then cook and some junk and you’re done.

I know your minds are all totally blown right now, have a great day!

Note from Izzy: Please re-use your bags!

One response to “Randomness that turned to Awesomeness

  1. Samuel the Magnificent says:

    this should have auto posted on 05/05 not sure why it didn’t.hmmmm i will have to make izzy show me how to do this again. consarnded machines

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