Crash Test Vegetarian

Vegan to Omnivore outreach program

About Me and the Crash Test Vegeterian Kitchen

on April 14, 2011

I’m a hobby chef.   If you ask me whether I like to cook, you will get a different answer depending on the day and my mood.  But what I DO love is making tasty, healthy meals for my husband, my family and my friends.

What I KNOW I love is making delicious meals for my husband, family and friends.  I love seeing people go back for seconds when I’ve made something good.  I love when my husband asks if he can pack something I’ve made for his lunch.

In March, of 2011 I had a health scare.  After some complications of what should have been a fairly common illness (Mono), my liver started to swell.  I was in constant paint.  My doctor suggested I cut out all animal fats and dairy while I healed.   He left me with white fish, white meat chicken, turkey and pork.

At the time, I was so exhausted, that the thought of cooking or eating meat was exhausting as well.   So, I did what any insane carnivore would do – I went vegan… and it stuck.  I started losing weight, I felt better, my grocery bill went down…

At first, I was nervous.  I have been struggling with insulin resistance for a number of years, but have not had any problems whatsover.  In fact, I feel so great, I decided to keep going.

So on this blog, you will find vegan recipes with an indication of whether or not they pass the omnivore test.  My hope is to make vegan recipes attainable to all households.  Whether or not the household is vegan, vegetarian or mixed veg and omnivore, most of the recipes are inexpensive and healthy.

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